a true calling to
SERVE OTHERS with Home Care Specialists

Find the right care specialists is important. When safety, reliability, and dignity matter most, choose ameriCARE.

called to CARE

We employ a diverse and talented team of caregivers equipped with a wide range of skill sets and emotional perspectives. Some are future nurses or social workers, and some manage care full-time and professionally. And many of our staff are simply super-humanly patient, kind, intuitive individuals with fantastic executive function with a serious gift for making your family’s life a little easier during uncertain times.

All our caretakers share one thing: a true calling to serve others.

Since most professional care is to some degree high-stakes, it matters very much who fulfills that caregiver role, as a person. We strive to ensure that every single caregiver on our staff embodies the following values:

In-Home Caregivers Empathy


They’re good listeners. Communication is important to them, and they will take the time to make sure their clients feel understood and that their needs are met. Their emotional intelligence allows them to navigate difficult moments with grace.

In-Home Caregivers Experience


Past or future. Our clients are of all ages, and so are our caregivers. We look for caregivers who are committed to doing this for a long time, as part of their own life path and personal beliefs.

In-Home Caregivers Respect


For their clients and their families, as whole people with complicated lives and preferences, and for their home, their property and boundaries. For Arizona and her values, the most important of which is, of course, Love.

And for the vocation to Care itself, in all its aspects.

ameriCARE is a certified A+ client-centered agency, serving adults of all ages. We are a boutique agency by design, so our clients are never just a number, they are our friends & family. Our care is personalized. We are flexible and will adapt to our client’s unique circumstances. Our goal is to preserve the client’s dignity and minimize disruption in quality of life.


We see an opportunity to offer more modern wellness services to help our clients with mobility, nutrition, or even technology challenges. We are always seeking those caregivers who want to bring more to caregiving. Care and safety are a top priority as is professional growth. We believe that care is a two-way street. In addition to our careful client-matching process, we provide our team with best-in-class career training and development opportunities, offering full-time benefits.

While experience is a plus, our main criteria is compassion. Skills can be taught, and we’re happy to help you grow any way we can.

Perfect Match for In-Home Caregiver


  • our caregivers stand out with their extensive base knowledge
  • have desire and ability to expand their learning
  • adapt to the situation and assist client with 100% devotion
Well Trained to Work as an In-Home Caregiver


  • our caregivers should be well trained and have a passion for lifelong learning
  • should implement safety protocols for emergency to keep their client and themselves safe
Key Values to Work as an In-Home Caregiver


  • respect the client and communication with loved ones
  • virtual and in-person support
  • minimization of disruption to the quality of life


ameriCARE Arizona, a nationally franchised in-home care agency, is seeking both CNAs and companion/personal caregivers for in-home client caregiving. Our pay is competitive with the market. We are a company committed to diversity & inclusion in the workplace.

The Arizona chapter of a larger national care community, ameriCARE. We are passionate about changing the way in-home care is provided, received, and perceived. ameriCare is an ethical employer offering full benefits, career development, and a supportive environment

A natural at understanding others and making them feel comfortable and looking for a flexible career that plays to your strengths and skill sets in the areas of personal care, nursing, or elder care

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unmatched care training & certification

Caregiver Training University Certification confirms caregiver competency with training for professional caregivers on daily living activities, safety, and age-related illnesses, meeting state guidelines. Caregivers must pass an exam to confirm retention of the training information to become a certified caregiver.