At AmeriCare, we practice continuous learning in order to provide the best care possible to those seeking in-home services. Keeping up on the latest practices and techniques not only improves our care, it also allows us to help the loved ones of those in need of services better understand how to provide care and what to expect.

Recently, Deborah Swanson, Coordinator for the Real Caregivers Program at partnered with In the Know Caregiver Training to provide more information on how to prevent falls. Noting that falls are the leading cause of both fatal and non-fatal injuries in older adults and that one in four Americans 65 and older fall each year, Swanson provides best practices and techniques to help caregivers take charge of fall prevention.

If you provide care to a loved one or know someone who does, take a moment to read Swanson’s article 8 Ways Caregivers Can Help Reduce Falls below. These tips are sure to help caregivers and loved ones provide a better quality of life to seniors in need of day-to-day assistance.