Many of us don’t become a caregiver by choice (unless like us it’s your vocational calling). Instead, many of us become caregivers out of love. Someone – a grandparent, parent, friend, neighbor, spouse, or someone else we care for – becomes in need of extra care and you feel that there is no other choice but to take on the role.

Before you do, it’s worth thinking about the responsibility and many aspects of becoming a caregiver. Chat with friends and even a professional provider, such as us at Americare Main Line, about what it could entail. You’ll really want to explore the impact it will have on your work, home-life, and finances.

Preparing for the role of caregiver before it’s needed

Just like we plan other aspects of our life, such as our own retirement, it’s good to have conversations with your aging loved ones before they need caregiving. Have an open conversation around what type of caregiving they would like.

Would they want to stay in their own home if they needed help? Would they rather move to an assisted living community or senior centre? How easy would it be for you to care for them? Who else could provide care support?

Caregiving is a huge responsibility and it’s best that plans are in place before it’s needed. In our experience, it works best when there is a team of caregivers in place. When the caregiving responsibility falls solely on one or two people, the stress can be very high, which ultimately affects your loved one and the care they receive. Not to mention your own health.

How will becoming a caregiver affect your life?

This depends entirely on how much caregiving your loved one needs and who else is helping. While we know you’ll want to help your loved one as much as you can, we recommend that you work to create a good home/work/caregiving balance. This way you’ll stay happy and healthy and be a much better caregiver to your loved one.

Is it OK to hire professional help?

Yes! In addition to enlisting the help of friends, family and neighbors, home care professionals help ease the pressure and ensure your loved one receives quality care for their mind, body and spirit.

Companies like AmeriCare Main Line provide short and long-term home care that includes companion care, personal care, post-operative care, and respite care. Our caregivers are certified nurse aides trained and qualified in at-home care. They have earned Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and Home Health Aide (HHA) training.

While you’re at work, taking care of your spouse and children or just need a break, home care professionals can help your loved one with many daily tasks like cooking, cleaning, shopping, medications, exercise and rehab, and other tasks. Hiring a professional home care company will help relieve some of your stress and help you not to get burnt out from the huge time commitment required as the primary caregiver.