ameriCARE’s Top Resources for Helping Seniors Get Through Winter with Ease

It’s no doubt that everything slows down in winter. In a lot of places, transportation can be more difficult with snow and ice. In others, cooler temperatures mean less time outside and less time connecting with others. The fact is our lives get just a little harder. But for seniors who may have mobility issues or may not have access to close family or friends, the winter months can be isolating and damaging. That’s why we’ve gathered our top resources to help improve the lives of seniors during winter months.

Explore a few of our articles below to help the aging loved ones in your life get the most out of winter!

A smiling elderly woman engaging in a dance pose.

Improving Day-to-Day Function Through Simple Exercises

Depending on your location, getting in basic physical activity regularly can be difficult. This is true even more so for seniors. There can be several obstacles for older adults to get the exercise they need to maintain strength – from changes in weather to lack of accessible fitness spaces, and beyond.

Join our ameriCARE care specialists as we review easy movements seniors can do right at home during the cold winter months!

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Senior woman stretching in her bedroom with elderly home care assistance.

Stress Management for Seniors

We often associate getting older with getting to live a more relaxed life. We refer to it as our “golden years” or “third act” when we can retire, winter in warmer climates, and have free time to pursue our hobbies and passions, but it is important to remember that seniors have stressors just like everyone else. And just like everyone else, seniors need ways to effectively manage stress for their own health and wellbeing.

Join ameriCARE as we explore three breathing exercises to help the seniors in your life manage their stress effectively, especially during winter, when access is limited!

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Senior man using a smartphone for elderly care.

Encouraging Seniors to Monitor Their Health with Tech

As people age, there are more health-related details to keep track of during the course of a normal day. To that extent, keeping track of habits, symptoms, and experiences between doctors’ visits can feel overwhelming. Many people, regardless of age, have a hard time remembering how they felt a few days ago let alone a few weeks ago. But changes in behavior and health can provide important information to care teams and ensure a well-rounded approach to overall health and treatment.

Explore important tech that can help your aging loved ones safely monitor their health from the warmth and safety of their home!

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Elderly woman holding a credit card and speaking on a landline phone with a concerned expression, seeking senior home care.

Protecting Seniors from Scammers

The holidays always seem to come with new scams that get more and more believable each year. Unfortunately, scammers disproportionately target elderly people, and the sentiment of the holidays can make it even worse.

Join our team as we explore ways to keep our seniors and their financials safe from scammers this holiday season!

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Elderly home care includes senior adults participating in a cycling exercise class.

Staying Active During the Colder Winter Months

Winter is in full swing in all the cities we serve. From the mid-50s of Arizona and California to the chilly 30s and 40s of the east coast, it’s getting harder and harder to stay physically active throughout the season. Seniors or those healing from injury or illness have an especially hard time maintaining a healthy level of activity.

Check out a few of these activities to help your older loved ones stay active and healthy despite the cold weather!

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Man pushing an elderly woman in a wheelchair down a tree-lined path in autumn, providing elderly home care.

Fall Safety Tips for Seniors

It’s time to start planning for the season to stay healthy and happy. There are several things seniors and their loved ones can do to prepare for the seasonal shift and enjoy it at the same time!

Here are five tips to make the most out of these colder months!

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Elderly woman smiling while reading a book on a sofa with a blanket over her shoulders, experiencing the warmth of senior home care.

How Can Seniors Stay Sharp Mentally?

Declining cognitive function is often associated with advanced aging – whether caused by disease or the aging process itself. In the winter months, with many spending more time indoors and even isolated from others, it’s more important than ever to focus on brain health. Fortunately, your mental function is not always at the mercy of time, as there are many lifestyle choices you or your loved one can make to improve brain health!

Check out a few of these tips and tricks to help our aging loved ones stay sharp!

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