The holidays can be a lonely time for the elderly who live alone. A stark contrast to a home which was once bustling with people, especially if they have recently lost their spouse. There is nothing quite like being with friends and family on Thanksgiving Day.  This year, ensure the elderly in your life –  loved ones, friends, and neighbors— have interaction on Thanksgiving Day.

The best interaction is in person. Whether that’s popping in to visit with them, or having them spend Thanksgiving Day with you. Take time to sit, ask questions and listen to the elderly in your life. Not just have a conversation but really listen to them. We sometimes take for granted those that we hold near and dear but one day it may be too late to sit and enjoy their stories. Not everyone has the opportunity to learn from the wisdom of the older generations, or listen to their life experiences. It is truly a blessing that we should be thankful for, and we should show our loved ones how grateful we are to have them in our life.

Ask them to share stories from their childhood, how they met their spouse, what sights they have seen, anything that you want to know… maybe the recipe for the delicious banana bread that they make! If you can’t physically visit with an elderly loved one, then make the time to call or video message so that they have some interaction on the day.

Try to arrange some company for them. Whether that’s having a friend, neighbor or caregiver spend some time with them. It’s the least we owe them and really shows your appreciation for them and that you care.

If you don’t have any elderly people in your life, then you can give thanks in other ways. Little Brothers – Philadelphia is an excellent charity. Since 1990 they have been working with persons seventy and over who are without the benefit of family or adequate social contacts. On Thanksgiving Day, you can deliver meals to a few people and spend time with them. It’s really very special and makes you thankful for all that you have.

This holiday season, spread happiness and joy. Be thankful for those in your life who make it that much richer.  If you need any help with providing company for your loved ones this year, we are on hand to help.