Engaging, Customized, Reliable Care for the Ones You Love Most

It is a hard truth to acknowledge that we all, at some point in our lives, will need support through injury, illness, or old age. At ameriCARE, we believe that all people deserve dignified, thoughtful care during these moments. That’s why we’re working to set a new standard for non-medical, in-home care in our communities. Join us to learn more about how we work with our clients to improve their lives and help them to stay happier at home!

Creating Your Care Plan

“The people reaching out to us can be overwhelmed and a little empathy and patience go a long way. We want our clients to know that they are being heard.”

Kevin R., ameriCARE San Francisco

Our client-focused model of service is rooted in listening first, asking the right follow up questions, and getting to the heart of our clients’ needs. We believe every person deserves empathy and patience, especially in these difficult moments. Whether it’s someone seeking assistance for a loved one as they age, or a person looking for support in managing their own injury, illness, or recovery, everyone has the same opportunity to work directly with our local care team.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

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1 – Take Our Care Assessment – this can be completed online or by phone, whichever is easier for you. We’ll ask you very basic questions about your needs and lifestyle to help us tailor a plan that works for your personality and your goals.

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2 – Design Your Care Plan – We offer a wide range of non-medical in-home care services that can be requested on an hourly, daily, weekly, overnight, or even live-in basis. Once we know more about you and your needs, we’ll create a schedule that works for you! Our caregivers offer everything from companionship and in-home support to out-of-the-home options like hospital and appointment assistance.

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3 – Match & Consultation – After we’ve curated the best care plan for you, we evaluate our trained care staff to find your perfect match. We’ll look at your needs, personality, and lifestyle to find the right caregiver for you. We’ll do a consultation together to make sure you feel comfortable and confident with your new care team, and then you can start living your new, best life!

Staying Connected and Informed

“Our caregivers act as a second set of eyes, ears, and hands at our clients’ bedsides.”

—Steve L., ameriCARE Silicon Valley

Clear, consistent, safeguarded communication is a major component to our service approach. Not only between our caregivers and their clients, but between our caregivers and the families of our clients, between our caregivers and our client’s healthcare providers, and internally with our team. By keeping open lines of communications between all parties, we can ensure:

Caregiver helping senior with medication
  • Adherence to care or discharge plans
  • Peace of mind for friends and family
  • Effective scheduling
  • Reliable routines & condition monitoring
  • Successful medication management
  • and more!

Empowering Our Caregivers

“It gives our families a smile when they know they have one of the best CareTeam members in the business!”

—Dr. Saravanan, ameriCARE Texas

At ameriCARE, we also seek to improve the lives of our caregivers through sustainable compensation, comprehensive benefits, flexible scheduling, certification assistance, and rewards programs. We find that the best caregivers are the ones who feel heard, who feel respected, and who feel secure. That’s why we’ve developed a series of recognition programs to highlight the work of our care team. From our nationwide Caregiver of the Quarter award to our more local caregivers of the month awards, we work to find unique ways to show our caregivers that their hard work matters. It’s simple, well cared for people provide better care. And our clients can feel more confident knowing their caregiver has shown exceptional skill and dedication to their craft.

Smiling caregiver with senior woman

It All Starts with a Call

While finding the right kind of care can feel overwhelming, we want to remind you that it all starts with one phone call. When you work with ameriCARE, you’ll connect with real people in your area who understand the ins and outs of in-home care and can help you find the right path forward. No offshore customer support, no long hold times, no out-of-state representatives. Together, we can develop the right care plan for your needs, your budget, and your lifestyle. Let’s get started!