We’ve just experienced the Autumnal Equinox marking the first day of fall here in the northern hemisphere. As the equinox passes, our days become shorter and our nights longer. The vibrant colors of turning leaves and our switch to warmer clothing remind us of the impending winter months. When it comes to seasonal change, it’s important to get in the right mindset for the season ahead, especially if you live in an area with drastic changes in weather.

An elderly man and a young boy, representing elderly care, holding hands while walking on a path.

To help you and your senior loved one prepare for the onset of fall and winter, we want to share a few tips and tricks to make the most out of your fall season. Join us and revisit our article Fall Safety Tips for Seniors and learn more about cold weather clothing, the nutritional advantages of the fall harvest, avoiding fall risks, prepping your home, and ways to stay active!