Loss of independence is common among San Francisco’s senior population and that’s where home care specialists can help. As individuals transition from middle age to old age, they often experience various challenges brought about by the natural effects of aging, making independent living more complicated than it once was. These difficulties range from impaired mobility, health conditions such as hearing loss, cataracts, osteoarthritis, and social isolation to loneliness, ageism, and financial security.

Many seniors feel discouraged when they lose their independence since they have lived their whole lives independently, making decisions, raising families, and working jobs. While some barriers to independence are unavoidable, some measures can be taken to improve the quality of life for seniors, and this is where ameriCARE’s accredited caregiver specialists come in.

Accredited caregiver specialists, also known as home care specialists, provide personalized care to seniors experiencing loss of independence. They make the transition to assisted living seamless and go the extra mile to ensure that high-quality senior care is provided to all seniors.

If you reside in San Francisco and wonder where you can find a good home health care agency, you have come to the right place. Through trained caregivers, we offer a comprehensive set of health care services that help seniors enjoy greater independence, live in their homes, receive quality care, receive adequate support, and improve their quality of life. Our caregivers further ensure that the home health care services they provide are efficiently serving San Francisco.

Your search for home care assistance has come to an end. We enrich the wellness and health of seniors in San Francisco through affordable in-home care services that restore the comfort they once had before they began experiencing the challenges brought about by aging. 

Who is a Home Care Specialist?

A home care specialist, otherwise known as a caregiver, is an individual that cares for the wellbeing and health of another individual or other individuals that need assistance with day-to-day activities and tasks. Your loved one may need home care assistance because of chronic conditions, an injury, memory or mobility issues, or illnesses that make everyday activities difficult to accomplish.

A caregiver can help your loved one live comfortably in the challenge he or she is facing. Additionally, a caregiver can help your loved one get better, regain his or her independence, and achieve self-sufficiency while at home.

Trained to meet the varying needs of all patients, our agency boasts of caregivers who are adept in providing compassionate home care and high-quality medical supervision over an extended period to all patients in San Francisco.

What a Home Care Specialist Can Do For You or Your Loved One in San Francisco

A San Francisco home care specialist performs several tasks that can improve you or your loved one’s well being, including:

1. Assess Medical Needs

Home care agencies have specialists who constantly assess your loved ones’ health when you’re not available or unable to. Specifically, our home care specialists keep track of medical appointments, assess their pain levels, and manage chronic conditions and medications. When you hire home care assistance services from our home care agency, we will provide client-centered care, treat each client with respect, and follow all client priorities and values. 

2. Assist with day-to-day activities

Loss of independence can make even the simplest activities such as toileting, eating, grooming, and bathing difficult. When this happens, many individuals look to home care agencies since they provide home health to persons that have lost their independence. Our home care agency ensures all seniors living in San Francisco that require assistance with daily living activities such as personal hygiene, continence, bathing, eating, and ambulating receive the care required.

3. Develop a Care Plan

After consultation, home care agencies go ahead and develop a care plan. A home care specialist prepares a care plan for your loved one that addresses goals and needs to facilitate speedy recovery and independence. Our team of home care specialists develops personal non-medical care plans for all patients, which help you know how many hours of care your loved one will need. It also ensures that all home care assistance practices follow a thorough care plan to bring about desired outcomes.

4. Monitor Medications

Alone, you may be unable to monitor medications. Considering they may be taking several prescription drugs to keep their conditions under control, you may need assistance from home care agencies to ensure that they do not miss a dose. Here is where we come in. Our team of home care specialists helps clients in San Francisco take their medications as prescribed, understand drug interaction, and ensure that they take their medications at the right time.

5. Provide Companionship

Home care agencies are a preferred option for the elderly population because they provide companionship. Our caregivers provide companion care to all patients in San Francisco. At times, companion care is overlooked; however, we ensure that we integrate companion care into all San Francisco clients’ care plans. We know that seniors at home often experience loneliness, which can lead to depression. When we care for seniors at home, we provide companionship, which, in turn, increases a client’s sense of purpose, prevents loneliness, prevents social isolation, and stimulates positive interactions.

6. Routinely Assess Your Care Plan

Because the circumstance surrounding you and your loved one can change at any given point, you need a care plan that can adjust to fit you and your loved one’s circumstances. Our team of home care specialists reviews clients’ care plans routinely to see what is working, what is not, and what needs to be adjusted. They also ensure that all our clients in San Francisco regularly keep in contact with their physicians to assess the effectiveness of their home health care plans.  

7. Provide Homemaking Services

Homemaking services are one of the main attractions to home care agencies, and it is not any different for ameriCARE. As family members age, they may struggle with maintaining the cleanliness of their homes. Our home care specialists provide homemaking services to our clients in San Francisco, including washing dishes, vacuuming, feeding pets, doing laundry, and taking out the garbage, which may be too much for your ill family members.

8. Assist with Mobility

Falls are common among seniors and can result in serious physical injury. Your loved one may struggle with moving from place to place, for example, moving from their bed when they wake up to go to the bathroom. Our home care agency implements measures that clients in San Francisco can take to prevent falls, including maintaining their fitness, hydrating and maintaining a balanced diet, trying physical therapy, and telling a caregiver, friend, or family member if they feel woozy or dazed after taking new medications.  

9. Prepare Meals

As individuals advance in age, they may find it challenging to prepare their meals. Moreover, seniors avoid cooking tasks because they demand a lot of movement from place to place within the kitchen. In some cases, their balance and memory issues can make cooking unsafe. Our home care specialists can help with in-home meal preparation, after cooking, clean up, help seniors shop for groceries, help seniors plan weekly meals, take food inventory, and make menus and make shopping lists.

10. Provide Transportation Services

As your loved one advances in age, driving themselves or using public transportation may be an unsafe option. One of the home care services we provide is transportation services. Our transportation services provide transportation alternatives to all our patients in San Francisco that safely get clients to doctor’s appointments, family functions, or other activities that demand their presence.

Our home care specialists can adeptly provide the above non-medical services in the comfort of your home. If you are in San Francisco, book a consultation with us, and we will be more than happy to care for you or your loved one.

Who Qualifies for In-Home Care in San Francisco?

You qualify for in-home care agencies in San Francisco if you are:

  • Confined to the home, i.e., homebound.
  • Currently under a care plan developed by a clinician.
  • In need of speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, dementia care, or memory care.
  • Have a medical necessity, for example, if you are recovering from a recent hospitalization, an illness, a surgery, or need regular in-home medical assistance.  
  • Referred through rehabilitation units, nursing homes, a primary physician, a hospital, or friends and family.

How Our Personal Care Plans Work

1. Book a consultation with us, and we will remotely assess your needs to develop a personal care plan.

Following the CDC recommendation for social distancing in San Francisco, we conduct virtual assessments online or via phone, which helps our team develop personal care plans that help us provide high-quality care services to your loved ones. During the virtual assessment, you can also ask any questions that you may have regarding our non-medical services. 

2. Home care specialists are assigned and follow specific protocols.

ameriCARE has one of the most extensive caregiver networks in San Francisco. We hire skilled caregivers and strategically match them to clients as this ensures that each client is partnered with a caregiver that best suits their needs.

3. We assign a virtual care team that is accessible round the clock.

When you ask for our senior home care services, you receive a care team that will assist you remotely at any point of the day or night. Your care manager will provide a personalized care plan, as well as quality assurance, throughout the service.

4. Our care plans promote physical and emotional wellbeing for seniors.

Our home care plans promote healthy eating habits, social engagement, cognitive stimulation, and physical activity. Our care plans also support our clients’ physical and mental health, including memory care, dementia care, and reducing the adverse effects of isolation.

5. Personalized care plans allow for social distancing at home.

In addition to helping seniors perform day-to-day activities, our home care plans include medication pick-ups, grocery shopping, and house cleaning. By providing homemaking services, we reduce seniors’ risk of getting COVID-19 and developing severe illness if they contract the virus.

We Offer Flexible Care to Fit Your Loved One’s Needs

We provide in-home care services for all our clients in San Francisco on an hourly basis. Our home care specialists help seniors conduct day-to-day activities and have the experience and training needed to provide specialized personal care to clients with conditions such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

ameriCARE caregivers are passionate about caring for seniors in San Francisco and have the skills and knowledge needed to provide high-quality personal care and homemaking services. We conduct background checks on all our caregivers, including employment authorization verification and driving records. We also conduct routine assessments on all our caregivers to ensure that they take the necessary steps to build trust with patients and their families and provide the highest level of quality care to clients throughout the service.

Our Care Offerings

The home care assistance services that we offer afford flexible and highly personalized senior care to all clients. We offer a variety of care for our San Francisco:

1. Hourly Care

For our clients in San Francisco, hourly home care allows you to hire our caregivers on an hourly basis. Our caregivers will help you with daily activities and help you maintain your everyday routine.

1.1. Hourly Care Services

  • Personal Care Assistance,
  • Fall prevention,
  • Medication reminders,
  • Non-medical assistance such as assistance with toileting,
  • Help with walking and moving from different areas within the home,
  • Status reporting to family, including parents and selected relatives,
  • Ongoing wellness assessments,
  • Grooming, dressing, and bathing assistance.

1.2. Lifestyle Support

  • Travel assistance,
  • Homemaking services,
  • Community engagement,
  • Companionship,
  • Transportation to recreational and social services,
  • Assistance with outdoor activities, and
  • Assistance with light exercise.

2. Live-In Caregiver — Full-Time Care

Live-in home health care helps keep all our clients in San Francisco that are living alone safe. Our live-in caregivers live with seniors for a specific period and provide home care assistance to them directly in their homes.

2.1. Who Can Hire Live-In Care?

  • Live-in care is for older adults that have Alzheimer’s or Dementia,
  • Need palliative care and would prefer receiving palliative care in the comfort of their homes, or
  • Have chronic medical conditions such as arthritis, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, or Lou Gehrig’s disease

2.2. Why is Live-In Care an Attractive Option?

In San Francisco, CDC guidelines recommend social distancing and require the senior population, including persons aged 65 and over, to stay at home.

Hiring a live-in caregiver is an attractive option. It reduces the risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus by minimizing the number of people going into and out of patients’ homes.

Additionally, live-in care is cost-effective, and live-in caregivers provide multiple benefits, including socialization and companionship, 24/7 emergency support, enjoyable physical activities, and food preparation.

2.3. What Our Live-In Caregivers can do for you?

Whether you are in the city of South San Francisco or in the San Francisco Bay area, when you hire our live-in caregivers, you will get assistance with all emotional support and personal care levels. Our caregivers will provide homemaking services and transportation services and answer all questions you may have regarding your care. 

3 Hospital to Home Care

If you or your loved one is transitioning from the hospital to the home, one-on-one home care is vitally important for a speedy and successful recovery.

In fact, lack of support after being discharged from the hospital can result in readmission. And the first 72 hours after being discharged from the hospital or undergoing surgery are crucial because this is when patients are most vulnerable. These 72 hours often involve changes in daily activities, meal portions, food choices, required medications, and rehab exercises.

Our Hospital to Home Care Services

  • Consultation,
  • Personal care plans,
  • Companionship,
  • Emotional and physical support,
  • Rehabilitation reminders,
  • Transportation to personal events, doctor’s appointments, and rehabilitation sessions, and
  • Regular updates on recovery progress to family members.

4. Running Errands

Typically, San Francisco is a busy city, and moving around can be uncomfortable because you may bump into people as you try to maneuver through the busy streets. Even worse, due to the current pandemic, running errands can be stressful because you do not know the health status of the people you encounter in stores, making you feel as though you are jeopardizing your health or your parent’s or partners’ health.

Our caregivers can run errands and help you tick all the boxes on your to-do list. We will go out into the crowds, purchase all the items you need, and stand in long queues while you stay safe in your home.

Our caregivers will also provide mail and package services. We will pick up and drop off your mail and mail any boxes you have to be delivered. And whether you are in the city of South San Francisco, San Rafael, San Mateo, Santa Clara, or in San Francisco Bay area, you can hire our home care assistance services and get to enjoy client-based care in the comfort of your home. And experience life-changing treatment strategies that will have you back to normal in no time. Hire us today and find out why we have a reputation for being the best home care specialists in San Francisco.

What sets our Home Care Agency apart from other Home Care Agencies?

There are many home care agencies in California that you can hire. So, what sets us apart from the rest, and why should you come to us for senior services and senior care?

1. We offer Specialized Care

Most home care agencies in San Francisco offer hospital-to-home care, live-in care, and hourly care only. We, on the other hand, go the extra mile and provide specialized care. Our home care agency provides specialized care for persons with Parkinson’s, cancer, and dementia. Our caregivers provide the best home care for persons living with all types of dementia in San Francisco making their lives easier.

2. We offer Special Needs Care

Our home care agency ensures individuals with special needs are matched with a care manager adept in providing special home care and catering to their varying needs. Our agency also ensures that each care manager can answer all questions asked by persons with special needs.

3. Our Care is Evidence-Based

All our caregivers incorporate evidence-based research into our personalized care plans. This allows us to enhance our experience level and access breakthroughs in treatments, which, in turn, helps us provide effective home health care services and makes us better when it comes to serving San Francisco.

Why Choose Us

  • Our company provides round-the-clock support.
  • Our company is dedicated to serving San Francisco’s aging population.
  • We provide personalized solutions and personal care for all patients
  • Our company is dedicated to serving all San Francisco residents, including family members, loved ones, and individuals experiencing loss of independence.
  • Our company helps older adults living in San Francisco, including San Francisco’s bay areas such as San Mateo, Santa Clara, and Alameda, regain their independence and maneuver through the challenges that are brought on by aging.
  • With our home health care services, seniors can continue living independently in their homes.
  • Serving San Francisco means that we are prepared to handle the varying needs of the elderly population in all bay area locations. 

With our personalized care, our San Francisco patients show improvements in moving around, performing daily living activities, and achieving the independence they once had.

  • Our company ensures that all patients are in safe environments, it does not infringe on their privacy or rights, and that all patients have a positive experience.
  • Our agency is licensed and certified.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have found us, we are glad to render your search for home care agencies officially over. Our agency provides specialized home care to the elderly population in San Francisco and persons with disabilities, chronic illnesses, and impaired memories.

Our agency works with patients, their family members, and physicians based in San Francisco to ensure that recovery and rehabilitation are achieved. And we assign caregivers to each patient, who will tend to the patient’s comfort and create a nurturing environment that optimizes home health care.

Our home care specialists are dedicated to serving San Francisco and are ready to cater to your health care needs. Contact us today to book a consultation and enjoy our comprehensive set of non-medical solutions.