In-Home Respite Care

While caring for a loved one can be rewarding, assisting aging family members or friends daily can be a physically and mentally demanding job. It is important as a caregiver to take breaks when needed to rest and recharge. AAA Care Columbus employs highly-qualified and compassionate caregivers throughout Columbus to provide flexible respite care relief when those much-needed breaks happen.

Our caregivers can step in and provide the necessary care and allow you to take time for yourself to rest, go to work, or spend time with your family and friends. Our respite care services provide caregivers the time necessary to help gain a new perspective, allow for a better attitude, and provide an overall better life balance.

As the primary caregiver, we advise you to plan ahead to maximize the benefit of this relief period. Take a look at the many benefits of our respite care services we can provide while you take a moment to recharge.

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Benefits of Columbus Respite Care Services:


Relaxation is defined as the state of being free from tension, stress, and anxiety. Respite care is intended to provide exactly this. Relaxation is essential for mental and physical health and is necessary for living your best life as a caregiver to a family member or friend. Enjoy your time away knowing your loved one is in good hands.

Restored Energy

Listening to your body is key in restoring the energy you need to maintain the level of care you are providing your loved one.  To be effective as a caregiver, you must take time to re-energize and refresh your mind and body. Through AmeriCare’s respite care services, you can take a moment to rest and recharge while your loved one receives excellent care.

Renewed focus and purpose

Renew your focus to allow yourself to nurture what inspires you. Achieve a clear mind by re-focusing your thoughts and purpose in life. Being able to have an overall clear vision will help you to gain a new perspective. Take a break from the demands of caregiving.  Even a short break can bring a renewed sense of purpose.

Remembering Who You Are

You are important, too. Self-identity is key in living a meaningful and valued life. Self-identity can become compromised when you are diligently caring for a loved one. Maintaining a strong self-identity allows people an opportunity to live to their full potential.

Regain your perspective

Caring for a loved one can feel all-consuming and overwhelming at times. Time away from caregiving allows you to see more clearly and keep things in proper perspective. Prevent overexertion and regain perspective by allowing one of AmeriCare’s trained and experienced in-home care professionals take over for a while so you can relax.

AAACare Columbus and their caregivers provide compassionate home care services to adults of all ages throughout the city of Columbus and surrounding communities in the greater Columbus, OH service area.

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