Hi, I would like to share this great caring story that shows how much our AmeriCare Caregivers are unique individuals that are always ready to go the extra mile to make sure that everyone is safe and comfortable.

An AmeriCare CareGiver routinely meets a client at their home when they return from a day treatment facility. On Thursday of last week, a CareGiver arrived and began to prepare the home for the client’s arrival. The home was HOT as the power was out and we all know how hot 90+ degrees can make a house feel. The CareGiver immediately contacted the family and the AmeriCare office. With the family’s permission, the CareGiver prepared to TAKE THE CLIENT  TO A SAFE ENVIRONMENT TO REMAIN COOL and COMFORTABLE. Meanwhile the AmeriCare team contacted the local power company… guess what? THE POWER COMPANY HAD SHUT OFF THE POWER TO THE WRONG HOUSE!

Luckily, power was restored quickly and the client was safe and cool.

There was no question that everyone in AmeriCare went the extra mile to ensure our client was safe and cool.

Do you know someone that needs that kind of
“Extra Mile” care?

A smiling woman with short hair, wearing glasses, a necklace, and a purple blouse in elderly home care.

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