Our professional caregivers make more than a paycheck.

They make a DIFFERENCE.

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When it’s about more than just a paycheck.

Join a care team that matches your commitment, goals, and lifestyle.

At ameriCARE, we prioritize our care staff and our clients. We truly believe that happy, fulfilled caregivers provide better, more comprehensive care.

When you join our care team, we’ll work to get to know you.

  • what are your priorities?
  • what are your goals?
  • what are your family needs?
  • what do you need for your personal time?

And then we’ll pair you with clients that match your skills, personality, and experience on schedules that work for you.

Our Professional care specialists make more than a paycheck.
They make a real difference.

Our care specialists make a difference in the lives of our clients and their families. If you’re like most ameriCARE care specialists, you can empathize with what families are going through and you want to help.

We also understand that most caregivers have had personal experience with a loved one who needed care. We know you understand what it feels like to need help and what quality care really means. That’s the kind of experience and care we’re looking for and we pay above the industry standard when we find it. But great pay is just one of the benefits you receive as a part of our company! Ready to find something better? Apply today!

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