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Non-medical in-home care for seniors, surgery recovery, and chronic illness management.

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We’re a family-owned franchise located in the heart of North Dallas.

We believe it’s time the in-home care experience became more personalized, positive, and powerful. We bring our own family’s experience as well as the smartest tech to the process of widening your care circle.


To promote independence and desired lifestyle by providing a personalized care experience with dedicated and compassionate caregivers that make aging at home comfortable, safe, and connected.


Care that empowers families and loved ones to enjoy more shared moments together at home.

About In-Home Care Services ameriCARE

a new kind of CARE

We believe in care that serves and supports the whole human person as well as their immediate community. We believe that thoughtful, personalized care has the power to not only maintain but also enrich anyone’s quality of life, no matter what changes they’re facing.

And we believe that care is a two-way street. Our caregivers are true professionals, called to serve others in ways that aren’t traditionally honored or praised by the world as we know it. We recognize their gifts and we support their potential with world-class training and career opportunities.

how we’re making it HAPPEN

Flexible booking and payments with ameriCARE


We leverage the best tech to make bookings, reviews, and payments easier than ever.

High caregiver standards with ameriCARE

high standards

Our caregivers are dedicated, highly-trained individuals with constant access to new safety trainings and techniques

Family Inspired Care with ameriCARE


We’re here to serve the client’s whole family in the way that’s right for them.

We celebrate and support North Dallas residents of all life stages and styles.

our CARE team

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Stephen Warner


My name is Stephen Warner and I was born and raised in the great state of Texas. I have two children, Kristy and David, and two granddaughters.

They say finding the right path isn’t always a straight line, and that has certainly been true for me! A little bit about me … right after I graduated high school, I got married and joined the Army — all in 1986. I spent four years in the military as a diesel mechanic, got out of the service and started my schooling with a focus on aircrafts. In November 1990, my father passed away and shortly afterwards around Christmas time, I received a mail-o-gram from Uncle Sam telling me to report (back!) to duty. I was recalled to serve in Operation Desert Storm. After four months of duty, that war was over, and I was able to return to school.

After working several jobs in aviation, I started a career with American Airlines in 1999. Throughout my time with AA, I explored other business opportunities. Some of these included real estate ventures, multi-level-marketing programs, stock investments, and selling supplemental health insurance for seniors. You could say I was always looking for that perfect fit where I could combine my passion with my entrepreneurial spirit.

My passion for working with seniors started when we would go visit my grandmother in her nursing home. I saw horrible images of the residents being neglected and mistreated. Even at a young age, I didn’t exactly know what was going on, but I knew I didn’t like seeing it or hearing it. I knew there had to be a better way to provide care for seniors.

Throughout my experience in selling insurance, I gained a deeper understanding of the senior care industry. You could say I learned about the good, the bad, and the ugly. This knowledge helped me when it came time to help my mom transition into an assisted living facility. I noted that things had improved some since my grandmother, but I believed there was still lots of room for improvement. This sentiment stuck with me and was always in the back of my mind.

So, 21 years later I retired from my W-2 job at American Airlines to peruse my dream of taking care of and improving senior’s quality of life. In my heart I knew I could do a better job serving seniors, so I opened a small assisted living home and AmeriCare North Dallas.

Every day I strive to show gratitude and preserve dignity for all seniors I come in contact with. My wife, Luz, is also a huge part of the business as she been a caregiver for over ten years. She shares the same passion for helping seniors as I do.

We will treat our clients like one of our parents. Why? Because they have worked all of their lives. They have made sacrifices. They should receive compassionate care that helps them maintain their dignity. Why? Because they deserve it.

My wife Luz and I look forward to serving seniors and their families in the North Dallas community!

Making a Difference to Our Clients

James has no family locally, so Kristy (Care Giver) and I decided to bring our family to James on his first Thanksgiving with Americare we had great food and listened to the many stories and life experiences James has had. Come be apart of the family.

We want to hear your life story. 

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