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Non-medical in-home care for seniors, surgery recovery, and chronic illness management.

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We’re a family-owned franchise located in the heart of the Pinellas Area.

We believe it’s time the in-home care experience became more personalized, positive, and powerful. We bring our own family’s experience as well as the smartest tech to the process of widening your care circle.


To share in our clients’ care journey by providing the most trusted, kindhearted, professional, and personalized in-home care possible, wherever our clients call home. Our care team will continually work to promote independence, improve quality of life, share in joy, and help our clients stay safe and Happier@Home.


To provide well-rounded, compassionate in-home care that goes beyond meeting our clients’ physical needs, to better address mental, emotional, and spiritual needs as well. We hope to engage in and inspire beautiful, shared moments between our clients and their loved ones to improve their overall quality of life through all stages of their care journey.

About In-Home Care Services ameriCARE

a new kind of CARE

We believe in care that serves and supports the whole human person as well as their immediate community. We believe that thoughtful, personalized care has the power to not only maintain but also enrich anyone’s quality of life, no matter what changes they’re facing.

And we believe that care is a two-way street. Our caregivers are true professionals, called to serve others in ways that aren’t traditionally honored or praised by the world as we know it. We recognize their gifts and we support their potential with world-class training and career opportunities.

how we’re making it HAPPEN

Flexible booking and payments with ameriCARE


We leverage the best tech to make bookings, reviews, and payments easier than ever.

High caregiver standards with ameriCARE

high standards

Our caregivers are dedicated, highly-trained individuals with constant access to new safety trainings and techniques

Family Inspired Care with ameriCARE


We’re here to serve the client’s whole family in the way that’s right for them.

our CARE team

Elias Barrios


Having worked in leadership roles for Fortune 500 companies for over 35 years, I have had the opportunity to see, firsthand, the impact dedicated individuals and businesses can have on our society. It’s their compassion and drive to make a difference that inspired me to join the ameriCARE family.

I have been living in the Tampa Bay area for the last 12 years and enjoy a variety of activities, including sailing, fishing, motorcycling, traveling, and spending time with my family. I think of myself as a moderately extroverted person who enjoys time with others as well as time by myself. I strive to listen and learn from others constantly, which I believe is one of the many reasons I’m drawn to this work.

I am the father of two boys and had the pleasure of watching them grow up right here in Pinellas County. I had the joy of taking them to sporting events, going to their schools, and having the opportunity to connect with people in our beloved city.

I am proud to have contributed to our communities through the creation of jobs and steadfast business leadership that allows our neighbors to prosper and enjoy life. I am also thankful to the community where my sons grew up and where our family found our home. We are beyond grateful and excited to continue to serve our communities through respectful, compassionate in-home care.

At this point on my career, I am to use all the knowledge I have accumulated throughout the years to give back to our community, helping others in need, by ensuring they have the best possible care whenever they need it.

I am fluent in four languages, and am an engineer by background, with a master’s in both engineering and management and I look forward to refocusing my drive on ensuring individuals and families throughout Pinellas County receive the safe, dignified in-home care they deserve.

Erika Giraldo


2013 began the most challenging stage of my life. The one that would help me to truly understand the importance of caring, loving, and living with dignity that most vulnerable people need.

Worked in the intensive care unit (ICU) on Baycare Health Systems in Dunedin for 2 years where I repeatedly faced the challenge of saving peoples’ lives, caring for people in need, and providing support not only to patients but family members that were facing a very difficult time with their love ones.

Then, I was lucky enough to move to the happiest units that a hospital can have, the mother and baby unit (also known as OGBYN) where I provided support and encouraged moms with their new babies.

Today, I’m a software engineer, the mom to a 24-year-old young man, the daughter of a single mom, and life partner to an incredible man, who is also an owner of ameriCARE of Pinellas. My fiancé and I decided to start this beautiful journey to provide service to people in need, believing that there’s always more to offer our community when caring and loving is our motivation.

State of Florida

LICENSE #: 299995766


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