Summer is upon you and it’s important to remember a few safety tips when you’re caring for an aging loved one. You want them to get out and enjoy the beauty and wonder that summer has to offer while being safe and protected from the dangers that come with the heat. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re caring for your loved one.

Sun Safety

Just as you would protect yourself and your children, you may have to remind your senior loved ones of this critical step in safety. Be sure to assist them, if they need it, in applying sunscreen before they go out for extended periods of time. Also, be sure to reapply it as needed while you’re enjoying an adventure together.


Cool, comfortable clothing is a must when you’re going to be outside in the heat. Make sure to assist your loved one in picking out some light-colored clothing that will be comfortable and climate appropriate for the adventure you’re seeking.

Avoid Dehydration

It’s imperative that you make sure your loved one is drinking enough water as they are out and about. Dehydration can happen before you realize it and it can be very dangerous for people of all ages. Be sure that water is readily available and that you ensure that your loved one is consuming enough throughout the day.

Keep an Eye Out for Heatstroke

Heatstroke is another serious issue that can seem to arise from nowhere when you’re out enjoying the beautiful summer days.  A few signs to keep an eye on include confusion, nausea, rapid heartbeat, headache, and becoming overly tired.

Time Your Adventures in the Early Morning or Late in the Evening

As your schedule permits, try setting up the adventures with your loved ones in the early morning hours before the heat is too much, or in the later evening hours when the sun is going down. This will help to prevent from being too hot and help avoid some of the dangers that the summer can bring.

You may find it a difficult task to be able to care for your loved one by yourself. If you’re wanting to take summer adventures but want to have extra help, consider working with AmeriCare. They offer compassionate care for your aging loved ones and can assist you with making sure your loved ones are safe and enjoying the summer ahead.