We often discuss the important role in-home care plays for helping aging adults maintain independence and healthy habits, but it is also incredibly valuable for surgery recovery. There are many types of invasive surgeries that require extended recovery periods and temporary lifestyle changes to ensure an effective healing process. These surgeries can span everywhere from knee surgery and hip replacement all the way to bypass surgery.

But how can in-home care help with recovery?

According to Dr. Brunilda Nazario, Lead Medical Director of WebMD, “Surgery can be a big deal. Sometimes it can sap your energy for days or weeks afterward. You may need some help from your family or a health care professional.” (Brunilda Nazario, MD) Because low energy and mobility are common in surgery recovery, it’s important to have help with daily activities and self-care. In order to focus on healing properly, it’s good to have some help with medication, diet and nutrition, daily tasks, and healthcare coordination. Having an in-home caregiver to provide support when family members and friends are unable to assist can really improve quality of life.

Person with a leg cast sitting on a sofa with crutches beside them, receiving senior care.

Get Help Managing the Details

In-home caregivers are trained and certified to help people recovering from surgery in a number of ways. Caregivers can help manage the administrative needs of those recovering by:

  • Following up on discharge orders – helping those recovering from surgery follow the guidelines given by their doctors to heal properly.
  • Picking up prescriptions – traveling to the pharmacy to pick up new or existing prescriptions when surgery recovery has caused limited mobility.
  • Reviewing nutritional needs – grocery shopping and meal prepping to help those recovering from surgery adhere to any dietary restrictions required by their healthcare provider.
  • Aiding in communication with healthcare providers – helping facilitate communication with healthcare providers, pharmacists, and insurance companies when those recovering from surgery don’t have the energy or ability to do so on their own.
  • Managing medication and reminders – ensuring those recovering take their medications at the right time by organizing medications into pillboxes and setting reminders.
  • Monitoring vitals post-surgery – Sometimes you can have a setback after an operation. But according to Dr. Nazario, if you spot trouble early, you can help avoid some serious problems. (Brunilda Nazario, MD) An in-home caregiver can lookout out for several warning signs including:
    • Fever
    • Pain that gets worse over time
    • Pain when you urinate
    • Nausea and vomiting that don’t go away
    • Racing heartbeat

And help you navigate the next steps if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.

Healthcare professional providing senior home care assistance to elderly patient with walker.

Improving Your Daily Life

In-home caregivers are incredibly organized and offer a lot of help with administrative tasks, but it’s their soft skills that really make all the difference for those healing. In-home caregivers work to provide dignified, respectful care to all people regardless of age or ability. In-home caregivers can provide a much-needed social outlet for those homebound due to surgery recovery. Reliability and companionship are incredibly important to the healing process and in-home caregivers are a great way to ensure both for your own or your loved one’s recovery period.

Having a consistent presence during surgery recovery can make all the difference. From helping to prevent falls to aiding in household chores, in-home caregivers reduce the burden on individuals recovering from invasive surgery, giving them the space and energy to heal quickly and effectively.

Don’t Lose Any More Time to Recovery 

Give yourself and your loved ones the help you deserve and get back to your life faster with the help of an in-home caregiver. If you or a loved one have any scheduled or urgent surgical procedures, reach out to your local AmeriCare for help finding the perfect in-home caregiver for your speedy and comfortable recovery.