As temperatures are hitting record highs in many of our service areas, we wanted to share some resources about summer safety for aging adults. It’s easy to get swept up in the sun, sand, and fun, but higher temperatures also mean greater risk for things like heat stroke. Join the experts at ameriCARE as we share important information on how to stay safe, stay active, and stay healthy in the summer months.

Beating the Heat – Learn the Warning Signs for Heat Stroke

Did you know that seniors over the age of 50, older people without air conditioning, people who drink limited water, those who excessively drink, and individuals suffering from chronic diseases are more sensitive to heat stroke? Take a moment to evaluate your risk for heat stroke with our resource Assessing Your Risk for Heat Stroke.

Making the Most of the Sunshine – The Benefits of Vitamin D

Summer isn’t all about risk, there are a lot of benefits to warmer weather and clear skies, including enhanced exposure to vitamin D! In fact, vitamin D’s best-known role for the human body is keeping bones healthy by enhancing our ability to absorb calcium. Find out more in our article A Refresher on Vitamin D for Seniors.

Keeping Cool – Staying Active

Because seniors over the age of 50 are more susceptible to heat stroke, but also require regular exercise to maintain their health, it is important to find physical activity away from the summer sun. Join the ameriCARE team as we explore 10 indoor activities for a healthy mind and body in our article Beating the Heat: Seniors Can Stay Cool in the Summer with Indoor Activities.

Finding Time for Some Outdoor Fun

We don’t want you to spend your whole summer inside though! By taking a few safety measures like applying sunscreen, wearing light, sweat-wicking clothing, and staying hydrated, our older loved ones can still enjoy all that summer has to offer. Check out our suggestions in our article 10 Summer Activities for Seniors.

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