Many patients rightly fear surgery because it is an uncharted territory for them. Many also worry about the potential risks and complications associated with the surgical procedure.

Patients and their loved ones take time to prepare for surgery and gain information about the procedure and required medications. They also learn about preoperative tests and how to arrange for postoperative (or after surgery) care.

What remains unknown to many patients is that postoperative care contains many risks. These risks need mitigation; otherwise, post-surgery care can present serious challenges that patients may not have anticipated.

This article provides detailed information about postoperative care at home.

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What is the Post-Surgery Phase?

The post-surgery, or postoperative, phase refers to the period immediately following a surgical procedure. It involves the care and monitoring of patients by nurses or caregivers.

The post-surgery stage signifies the beginning of a patient’s recovery from the effects of anesthesia and surgery. 

What is Postoperative Care?

Postoperative care is the care received once a patient is discharged from the surgeon. Postoperative care begins in the hospital or surgery center, and continues as the patient recovers at home.

In order to recuperate effectively, patients need thorough home health care services the moment they are discharged from the hospital.  These services may include ventilation services, hemodynamic monitoring, wound care, and pain management.

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Why is Postoperative Care Important?

After surgery, there is a risk of complications and infections. Some of the complications may include bleeding, blood clots, and respiratory challenges.

The need for postoperative home care depends on your condition after surgery. Other factors, such as the type of surgery and the invasiveness of the procedure, will also influence the amount of care needed.

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What is a Caregiver’s Role?

Caregivers play a pivotal role in your recovery after you have undergone a surgical procedure.

Most importantly, caregivers monitor your progress, provide companionship and encouragement, and call for medical assistance if necessary.

Also, caregivers provide you with the help you may need around the house, and can assist in household tasks such as cleaning, bill payment, and meal preparation.

Caregivers can help manage your medication and aid in your physical recovery.  Furthermore, they can support you with activities of daily living such as dressing and bathing.

Finally, caregivers provide transportation to and from the hospital, to follow-up appointments, or to other places you may need to go.  If you need help with errands or grocery shopping, a caregiver can provide the necessary assistance.

Where Can You Find Quality Postoperative Care in San Francisco?

For those living in the San Francisco area, ameriCARE San Francisco provides comprehensive postoperative home care services. ameriCARE San Francisco offers companionship, personal respite, and post-surgery care, all in the comfort of your home.

Also, ameriCARE will formulate an individualized plan for you in order to quicken your recovery process. It helps make your postoperative care a joyous experience by providing personal, flexible, and enjoyable care.

Furthermore, ameriCARE helps you remain active throughout your post-operative home care. It supports your healing process as its skilled and trained personnel create opportunities for you to challenge your mind and body in equal measures.

As a professional agency, ameriCARE initiates your recovery and wellness process by providing consultations about your health status. Finally, they prepare a personalized plan to cater to your physical and psychological home care needs.

What do Doctors Recommend to Ensure Proper Postoperative Care?

Your team of surgeons will discharge you to the care of the clinical staff in the recovery room after the surgical procedure is completed. There, the clinical staff will monitor you closely as you recover from anesthesia.

The length of recovery depends on the type of surgery you experienced and your condition. The clinical doctor and staff will monitor you closely for any signs of complications after surgery.

To assist in your surgical recovery, the health care staff will monitor the following areas:

  • Ability to swallow 
  • Consciousness level
  • Lines, tubes, or drains
  • Wounds
  • Urine output
  • Body positioning
  • Pain management

Why Should You Choose ameriCARE for Your Post-surgery Care?

ameriCARE excels in post-surgery home care due to its mastery of basic home care techniques. Because ameriCARE provides an expansive list of home care services, you are guaranteed to find the services you need to help with your recovery, all in one place.

ameriCARE’s compassionate and kind staff members enable you to feel comfortable, thus aiding in a faster recovery.

ameriCARE will provide consultation services, creating a personalized plan to meet your individual needs.

How Can You Help a Loved One Recover from Surgery at Home?

Sometimes you may be unable to obtain an outside caregiver for your loved one when he or she has completed surgery. You may need to provide care yourself.

If that is the case, you can prepare your loved one psychologically for his or her homecoming, and ensure that you create a friendly environment for him or her back home.

Making sure your loved one’s home is clean and well-stocked with groceries will help with a smooth recovery. Also, ensuring that all necessary medical supplies are readily accessible will help reduce stress for your loved one.

Stay in the know, provide support for your loved one, and utilize the power of technology as you provide care.

Find the Care You Need with ameriCARE San Francisco

If you reside in San Francisco and need to coordinate the recovery care for a loved one after surgery, then ameriCARE San Francisco is the right place for you.

Also, do not hesitate to visit our official website to gain more information and register for our services. We will respond promptly to any questions that you may have.

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ABOUT ameriCARE San Francisco

ameriCARE San Francisco is a family-owned and operated home care agency serving all the San Francisco Bay Area. We are a new kind of in-home care. We believe it’s time the senior home care experience became more personalized, positive, and empowering. We offer home care assistance that is flexible and accommodating to your schedule with no contracts.

Our in-home care services leverage smart technology that not only improves our personalized care plans but also provides more transparency into our daily care in the home and our communication with the entire care circle. ameriCARE San Francisco believes that thoughtful, personalized care has the power to not only maintain but also enrich anyone’s quality of life.