a true calling to

Find the right care specialists is important. When safety, reliability, and dignity matter most, choose ameriCARE.

called to CARE

We employ a diverse and skilled team of caregivers with experiences serving clients who suffer from a variety of different conditions. Many of our CARE team members are current Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), while others are studying to become nurses, social workers, or other healthcare-related professionals. All have personal care experiences that moved them to make caring for others their calling, and they work hard to make your family’s life a little easier during uncertain and challenging times.

All our caretakers share one thing: A TRUE CALLING TO SERVE OTHERS.

ameriCARE Midlands Caregiver hugging client in wheelchair

our caregiver core values

Since most professional care is, to some degree, high stakes, it matters very much who fulfills that caregiver role, as a person. We strive to ensure that every single caregiver on our staff embodies the following values:

Empathy Caregivers core values with ameriCARE


Our caregivers are active listeners. Communication is important to them, and they will take the time to make sure our clients feel understood and that their needs are met. It’s the immense emotional intelligence our caregivers possess that allow them to navigate difficult moments with grace.

Experience Caregivers core values with ameriCARE


Our caregivers have real experience providing care and are seeking future experiences to improve their services. Our clients are of all ages, and so are our caregivers. We seek out exceptional caregivers who are committed to doing this for a long time, as part of their own life path and personal beliefs.

Respect core values for caregivers with ameriCARE


Our caregivers serve our clients and their families with dignity and respect. They recognize that each of our clients are unique individuals with complicated lives and preferences. They also hold deep respect for our clients’ homes, their property, and their boundaries.

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setting a better standard of in-home CARE throughout South Carolina

We are a client-centered agency, focusing on innovative in-home care services for adults of all ages. ameriCARE Midlands is, by design, a boutique agency that specializes in bringing comprehensive, reliable, nonmedical caregiving services to local communities throughout South Carolina. This means our clients, no matter where they are located, are never just a number, they are our friends and our family. Our care is personalized and flexible to meet the unique circumstances and needs of each of our clients while preserving their dignity and minimizing disruption to their quality of life.

building local caregiver teams to better serve our communities

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What We Look For:

  • Caregivers that stand out with extensive knowledge
  • That have the desire and ability to expand their education and experience
  • That can adapt to any situation and assist our clients with 200% devotion
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What They Need:

  • Our caregivers are ALWAYS well trained
  • Have a passion for lifelong learning
  • Readily implement safety protocols to keep our clients and themselves safe
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What They Focus On:

  • Respect for our clients
  • Consistent communication with loved ones
  • Providing virtual and in-person support

CARE is a two-way street

The health, safety, and stability of our caregivers are our top priorities along with providing many opportunities for professional growth. We believe that care is a two-way street and in order for our caregivers to provide the best care possible, they also deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. In addition to our careful client-matching process, we provide our team with best-in-class career training and development opportunities.

ameriCARE Midlands caregiver pushing client in wheelchair