Hospital Sitting and Companionship Services with ameriCARE Midlands


Our caregivers are trained and ready to help our clients have better hospital stays and better experiences at medical appointments. Many times, staying at a hospital or visiting the doctor can feel overwhelming to our clients – they are out of their comfort zone and often receive a lot of important information. But having an in-home caregiver present during those times not only offers an extra set of eyes and ears but provides much-needed companionship and support during a potentially stressful time. Our hospital stay support services do not replace hospital care but complement those medical services to ensure a more comfortable and stress-free experience.

Our hospital stay support services include:

limiting the risk of READMISSION and improving RECOVERY

Short and long-term stays at hospitals and rehabilitation centers often come with detailed discharge instructions specially designed to help patients heal. It’s crucial to follow these instructions as closely as possible to prevent setbacks or readmission. Our skilled caregivers can help with this transition by being present during the hospital or rehabilitation stay and by supporting our client during discharge. When our caregivers are present during the discharge period, they can hear directly from the doctor what needs to occur and when. Our caregivers can take notes, share this information in our Family Room, and help ensure our clients follow any directions as necessary.

Hospital sitting, hospital stay and rehabilitation support services from ameriCARE

make hospital visits more COMFORTABLE

Our hospital stay support and medical appointment services are available for short and long-term hospital and rehabilitation stays and are great for people of all ages. Whether managing injury, chronic illness, or age-related issues, our caregivers can provide much-needed support during hospital stays.

We will not interfere with hospital staff or their medical support, but we will work alongside them to make our clients comfortable and happy during an otherwise stressful situation.

Companionship and Hospital Sitting Services with ameriCARE


Our caregivers work to make hospital stays more positive through engaging conversation, laughter, and companionship. We help our clients pass the time by playing games, helping with stretching or walking, reading, crafting, and more.

Help Moving Around and Hospital Sitting with ameriCARE

Ambulation & Transfers

Often after surgery or routine treatment in a hospital, a bathroom visits or a walk down the hall requires some assistance. Our trained caregivers can provide much-needed help with dignity and respect.

Client Observation and Hospital Sitting with ameriCARE

Client Observation

Having a caregiver along at a hospital stay helps ensure there is always someone present to monitor our clients’ condition. We can help with medication reminders or should someone need immediate attention, our caregivers can request hospital staff immediately.

Transition from Hospital to Home Care with ameriCARE

Transition from Hospital to Home

Our caregivers help transport our clients from the hospital to home. They help get our clients settled into their home environment and help them to follow their discharge instructions properly.

Hygiene Assistance and In-Home Care Services with ameriCARE

Hygiene Assistance

Our caregivers can assist with bathing, toileting, dressing, teeth brushing or any other personal hygiene tasks to help our clients navigate their new surroundings in the hospital.

ameriCARE caregivers can assist with managing discharge instructions after a hospital stay

Managing Discharge Instructions

When our caregivers are present during discharge, they can take detailed notes, ask important questions, and relay important information to family members in our Family Room. With a better understanding of discharge instructions, we can help ensure a healthy and safe recovery.

Meal Preparation and In-home Care Services with ameriCARE

Meal Assistance

Whether it’s help eating the food provided by the hospital or stepping out to pick up a meal off hospital premises, our caregivers are here to help with meal needs and requests.

Our caregivers can help Communicate with Staff and Family during a hospital stay

Communicate with Staff and Family

Our caregivers can support your loved ones at the hospital or rehabilitation facility when you cannot be there and can share important notes on condition, provider feedback, and general updates in real-time using our online Family Room platform.

our ameriCARE caregivers are ready to provide the help you need.

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