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In-Home Veteran in-home Care Services with ameriCARE Midlands

Our Respectful Veteran Care Services: Serving Those who Served

Retired servicemen and servicewomen deserve dignified, comforting care as they age. At ameriCARE Midlands, we make it our goal not only to provide respectful veteran care services but also to help veterans understand the benefits they are entitled to which help cover the cost of these services. We know it can be difficult for those who have served to put their safety and security in another person’s hands, but we make it our mission to do everything in our power to make their lives better through non-medical in-home care.

our veteran home CARE in Midland

Our certified caregivers go through specialized training, making them uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive in-home care services for our veterans including:

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serving VETERANS Is central to our mission

At ameriCARE Midlands, we look at serving veterans a little differently. Our owners, Carl and Rachael Hammond, have unique insights into the needs and lifestyle of veterans, having lived it themselves. Carl spent four years in the Army as a Transportation Officer, spent time as a Platoon Leader, a Company Executive Officer, and a Battalion Operations Officer. Rachael was with Carl every step of the way throughout his military career and understands the needs of military families. Important information about what aging veterans are at risk for include: 

  • Malnutrition – A recent study of malnutrition among older vets in home-based primary care found that 15% were malnourished.
  • Substance Abuse – 18% of older veterans have recent substance abuse history compared to 1% of the general older population.
  • PTSD – Close to 17% of veterans had PTSD emerge for the first time later in life. The emergence of PTSD symptoms in late life (after retirement age) has been noted to correlate with the onset of dementia.
  • Multiple Conditions – Older veterans are 25% more likely than nonveterans to report experiencing two or more chronic conditions.
  • Suicide – Older veterans account for 58% of veteran suicide deaths in a recent Suicide Data Report
Senior Veteran Care plans with ameriCARE Midlands

CARING for our community’s veterans

At ameriCARE Midlands, we have worked hard to understand the needs of our veterans. We respect and appreciate their willingness to serve our country and seek to provide them with the best care possible. Whether returning from combat with new health or mobility challenges or reaching old age and needing additional help, our team is here to provide dignified, respectful care.

Together, we can help our veterans stay happier@home while leading independent, meaningful lives.

Hygiene Assistance and In-Home Care Services with ameriCARE Midlands

Hygiene Assistance

Bathing, toileting, dressing, teeth brushing, and other personal hygiene tasks can be difficult to manage due to aging or disability. Our compassionate caregivers are trained to help with respect and dignity.

Meal Preparation and In-home Care Services with ameriCARE Midlands

Meal Preparation

Our care providers can help prepare meals, shop for groceries, monitor dietary restrictions, and assist in promoting a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, having a home-cooked meal without having to fix it themselves is just what the client needs!

Light Housekeeping and In-home Care Services ameriCARE Midlands

Light Housekeeping

Caring for a household can feel overwhelming to those managing disability or illness. As part of our veteran care services, our trained caregivers can help with daily tasks like doing laundry, washing dishes, vacuuming, and more so our clients can focus on their health.

Exercise and Companion and In-Home Care Services ameriCARE Midlands

Exercise & Recreation

Physical activity is a great way to connect with others, enjoy the outdoors, and improve mental health. Whether it’s a walk up and down the driveway or assistance with physical therapy exercises, our caregivers can help your loved one stay active in their day-to-day lives.

Grocery Shopping and Errand In-Home Care Services ameriCARE Midlands

Running Errands

If you are unable to drive or walk due to disability, injury, or age, our caregiver team can assist with tasks like grocery shopping, medication pick-up, maintaining appointments, and more.

Medical Appointment Help and In-home Care Services with ameriCARE Midlands

Medical Appointment Support

Our caregivers often accompany our clients to their medical appointments to help them navigate any information or instructions provided by their doctor.

Companionship and Hospital Sitting Services with ameriCARE Midlands


Humans are social beings, and our caregivers approach engagement through gentle and positive encouragement. We facilitate meaningful activities to help our clients socialize, let off steam, and recover successfully.

Injury Prevention and In-Home Care Services with ameriCARE Midlands

Injury Prevention

Our caregivers are proactive in preventing harmful falls or other injuries by maintaining a clean environment, removing tripping hazards, helping our clients with mobility, and keeping the environment as safe as possible.

Medication Reminders and In-Home Care Services with ameriCARE Midlands

Medication Reminders

Managing age, disability, or injury often means dealing with complex medication schedules and dosages. Our caregivers make sure our clients take the appropriate amount of medication right when they need it.

Pet Care and In-Home Care Services with ameriCARE Midlands

Pet or Service Animal Care

Our veteran home care in Midlands includes our furry friends, too! If limitations from disability or old age keep our veteran clients from helping their pets or service animals, we can step in! We’ll assist with dog walking, feeding schedules, transportation and assistance with vet appointments, and pet hygiene to keep both owner and pet happy and healthy.

respite care for family CAREGIVERS

At ameriCARE Midlands, we understand that family caregivers play a crucial role in the support systems of our veterans and we want to support you, too. Our trained caregivers are available to provide flexible respite care while you rest and recharge.

Veteran Respite Care with ameriCARE Midlands

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