Running Errands Services with ameriCARE caregivers in Northern Virginia

Count on Our Running Errand-Running Service to Help Manage Your To-Do list

As part of our errand-running service, our skilled caregivers not only provide care inside the home but can help you with the tasks and errands you have outside it, too! Each of our caregivers goes through a lengthy background and driving record check to ensure they can provide safe and comfortable transportation and errand-running services for seniors! From heading to appointments or picking up prescriptions to grabbing dry cleaning or dropping off packages, our in-home caregivers are here to help you tackle your to-do list with errand-running services that include:

getting the help you DESERVE to live life comfortably

We understand that when managing mobility or cognitive issues, there are some tasks that can feel too overwhelming or difficult to deal with. Sometimes, you just need a little help tackling that to-do list, and that’s okay! Part of how in-home care allows us to live a more fulfilling life is by providing the support you need to better manage daily routines and tasks. Our caregivers can help with everything from stopping at the store or post office to running to the pharmacy or dry cleaners. With an ameriCARE in-home caregiver on your team, you never have to do anything alone!

ameriCARE caregiver bringing groceries to client after running errands

taking care of tasks OUTSIDE THE HOME

We find that many of our clients, especially those recovering from surgery, managing chronic illness, or who are otherwise immunocompromised, are having a more difficult time running errands. Many worry that doing so in busy public places will jeopardize their health.

As part of the services we provide to help with errand running, our caregivers are available to step in and help you manage your to-do list so you can stay safe and healthy at home! With reliable transportation, clean driving records, and proper insurance, our caregivers can help with everything from general shopping to pharmacy stops and more.

Grocery Shopping and Errand In-Home Care Services ameriCARE

Grocery Shopping

Our care team regularly helps clients with their grocery shopping – stopping at their favorite stores and farmers’ markets to get exactly what they want and need. Our caregivers communicate directly with our clients to discuss replacement items while they are at the store to prevent surprise substitutions.

Mail and Package Pick-Up and Errand Services

Mail & Package Services

Our errand-running services for seniors include caregivers helping clients box up, drop off, and/or pick up packages as needed. From birthday presents to returns and everything in between, our caregivers can make sure it’s mail-ready and sent out!

Medication Reminders and In-Home Care Services with ameriCARE

Medication Pick-up

Our clients can stay safe at home while we pick up their medications and any other necessities from the pharmacy. Our care services team will pick up all prescriptions, including new ones, and share dosage instructions clearly.

Dry Cleaning Pick-up and Errand Services

Dry Cleaning & Laundry

Our caregivers pick up and drop off laundry at the local wash and fold for our clients. They’ll even work with a favorite dry cleaner to ensure all our client’s laundry needs are satisfied.

our ameriCARE caregivers are ready to provide the help you need.

ameriCARE is ready to Run Errands in Midlands

Our CARE team is ready to help you with your errands!

Don’t worry, we can help you tackle all your daily tasks! Use the form below to share more about your needs or give us a call at (803) 876-8205 to get started on a customized CARE plan that’s right for you!

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